How We Stay Safe

The Eco Elements family is committed, above all else, to the health and safety of our staff and customers. We understand the levels of security and confidence homeowners need to feel in times like these, and we as an organization are taking every precaution possible to ensure maximum health safety for everyone involved in our operations.

Here are the primary precautions our team is taking to make sure we facilitate a healthy and safe work environment:

    • Every morning all Eco Elements Technicians and Installers take their temperature and photo log it in our system.
    • All  Eco Elements Technicians and Installers have hand sanitizer during operations and use it as necessary.
    • All  Eco Elements Technicians and Installers have surgical masks or respirators.
    • When Technicians visit a home they have commercial air and surface sanitizer that they will use to not only disinfect themselves but also the areas of the home they are in so that we leave the home safer that when we arrived.
    • When Installers come to a home to install any products, they use a commercial fogging system and a commercial sanitizer to do a complete sanitizing fogging on the entire home before we leave.

As we move forward, Eco Elements will continue to bolster and supplement our precautionary measures as is advised by local, state, and federal authorities.

We will continue to provide the exceptional service you have come to expect from our organization by being at the forefront of smart, consistent, and safe response measures.

Strong, Effective Sanitizer

In order to maintain the highest quality of safety possible, we have equipped of Technicians and Installers with a sanitizing solution that kills 99.9% of common bacteria % viruses. This zero VOC chemistry disinfectant for your carpet is a mold-killing machine.

This sanitizer is also great as an odor killing masonry deodorizer, concrete disinfectant, carpet deodorizer, bacteria odor eliminator, wood disinfectant cleaner, broad spectrum disinfectant, metal disinfectant, carpet odor remover and more!

The sanitizer contains powerful, bleach-free cleaning agents designed for high soil loads, and will not cause damage to most surfaces. It is safe on concrete, carpet, wood, laminate, drywall, stone, plastic, siding, outdoor furniture, metal and more!

Disinfect and remove odors from your surfaces today with Storm System’s Step 2 Kill Odor Bacteria Remover. This is an EPA-registered deodorizer. Use for water damage restoration, sewer backups, and removing carpet stains and odors!