Everyone knows solar power is cleaner and better for the environment. But how does it fit in with your specific home’s needs? At Eco Elements, we provide the best solar panel installation process out there, building solar solutions that your home can use to cut energy costs fast. 

When we design a custom solar panel system for each of our customers, we consider dozens of factors for their needs and preferences to find the right option—we don’t just estimate their needs based on square footage. When you choose Eco Elements for your new panel system, we take into account the location and size of your home, household energy consumption, and projected energy needs.

We then use that information to determine the specific products that will maximize the efficiency of your system. With our years of experience in the industry, we know all solar panels are not created equal. While many solar providers have special arrangements with certain manufacturers, we choose the panels that will be most efficient at a price that works with your budget without sacrificing quality. 



We know that homeowners don’t want to wait that long to start saving money on their energy bill. That’s why we utilize a streamlined, efficient installation process that takes weeks instead of months, something no one else in the industry can offer. 

For each new solar panel system we provide, our expert team goes through a series of steps to ensure a seamless installation.

We take care of the specifics and provide you with a near-effortless experience that helps you start producing energy on your own in just a matter of weeks.

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Energy Review

We look at your current energy usage to see if solar will provide good savings.

Surveying the Site

We assess the size of the roof, which way it faces, if it has shaded areas, and how the roof can handle the weight of the panels (only a few pounds per foot).


We take care of all the complex permitting pieces so you don’t need to worry about it.


Once everything is approved, we send in our installation teams to get the job completed.

Net Meter Swap

Once all panels are installed and QA tested, a production meter is installed and your system can begin saving you money.  

Seamless Management

We do everything in our power to make the transition to solar as easy, non-invasive, and seamless for you as possible.

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