At Eco Elements, we provide the world’s most advanced, fully integrated, high efficiency solar powered attic fans.  Our solar powered attic fans extract the heat and moisture from your attic, preventing a host of potential issues.

Eco Elements’ solar powered attic fans use industry leading technology to maintain the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions. Our fans utilize all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed. Designed by experts in the art of airflow technology with years of aerodynamic engineering experience, our solar powered attic fans outperform all other products on the market today, not only in terms of air movement performance but also curb appeal and durability.

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Types of Attic Ventilation


Come in high or low profile flashings for all types of roofing materials, a built-in 20 watt panel for maximum curb appeal, and a polymer fan blade (Brushless DC Motor) for adequate air flow.


Allow the solar panel location to be independent from the attic fan’s so each can be placed in the ideal part of the roof. Can also be used with larger panels for improved performance.


Gable Solar Fans can be mounted inside the attic over an existing gable vent or roof penetration to supercharge the vents already there. Remains hidden and out of the weather.

Adjustable Tilt

Adjustable 20 watt or 30 watt solar panel, perfect for any installation that requires directing the panel towards the sun for better performance. 360° rotation and 35° tilt.

Benefits Of

Attic Ventilation

A properly ventilated attic provides a number of great benefits. Improved air circulation in the summer months will help remove hot air and reduce the temperature of your attic. This will keep the hot attic air from seeping through into your living space. It will also help reduce the surface temperature of your attic floor and your interior ceilings. The reduced temperature in your attic will also assist your air conditioner by keeping the ductwork and the air inside cooler. The resulting effect will be less strain on your air conditioning unit.

When your attic heats up, the roofing underlayment beneath your roof shingles can also heat up and overtime become more brittle and ineffective. By lowering your attic temperature with proper attic ventilation, you can extend the life of your roof and save the expense of repairs and replacement.

Attic ventilation also has many benefits in the winter. In the colder months, warm moist air rises from inside your home and collides with the cold underside of the roof. Active attic ventilation from a solar powered fan provides circulation that prevents the moist air from condensing on the surface, keeping your attic cooler and drier. It also helps prevent mold growth, which can result in poor indoor air quality.

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26% Tax Credit

All of our solar attic fans are free to operate! Completely powered by the sun, our fans qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit (materials & installation).

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Eco Elements solar attic fans are Made in the USA. Built to last with no plastic parts, our products are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

Removes Heat & Moisture

Our solar fans work year-round to provide constant airflow. Remove heat in the summer and moisture in the winter for comfort, savings, and structural integrity!

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