Why Air Sealing in Utah Homes is a No Brainer

Utah homeowners take pride in keeping their state green, as Utah has about 314,000 homes powered by solar energy.  Not only do air leaks lead to wasted energy, but it could be hurting your wallet and lead to deterioration of your home.

However, you can easily protect your home, save energy and costs by air sealing your home. A properly sealed home has less energy loss, more savings earned, and a more comfortable indoor living environment.

Before we get into the benefits of air sealing, let’s cover what air sealing is, and why it’s saving Utah homeowners on their energy costs.

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing your home is the process of reducing the flow of air through the tiny spaces around your house. Air leaks out of your house because of the differences of interior and exterior air pressure, which permits heat to flow in and out. This has an impact on the efficiency of your home’s insulation, and leads to wasted energy. Air sealing your home is a solution that averts the loss of  heat by limiting the amount of air leaks. 

Why Air Sealing Is Key For Utah Homeowners

Air leaks are not only a major culprit for wasted energy, but can have an impact on your health too. Although Utah’s climate is ideal for enjoying a nice hike or going skiing, Utah is also the 3rd driest state, which can present its own challenges during the summer and winter months. Particularly, it can cause itchy, dry skin and lead to irritated sinuses. Air sealing can prevent the flow of cold, dry air through leaks while promoting the circulation of indoor air with higher moisture that is more soothing for your skin and sinuses. 

Besides inflating your energy consumption, air leaks also damage your home’s structure. When the dry air enters your home, moisture can be pulled from wooden furniture and your home’s framework. Additionally, moisture that is not properly filtered has its own problems. For instance, if  a proper vapor barrier is not installed, mold can develop. Even tiny gaps can lead to air entering that carries moisture —this moisture can lead to deterioration of your home’s foundation.


The No-Brainer Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home


Improve Energy Efficiency

The overall energy efficiency of your home largely depends on three key factors: your home’s insulation, ventilation, and air sealing quality. Both new and older homes benefit from quality  air sealing, and both types of homes will see a difference in energy consumption. It is estimated that homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs simply by sealing their homes the right way .

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Opening a window and getting some fresh air is refreshing, but to create the best indoor air quality you need a tightly sealed home that empowers your ventilation system. By air sealing, you promote a tighter home envelope which reduces the amount of dust, pollen, and pollutants that can infiltrate the home. This improves the quality of the indoor air of your home which in turn will make you and your family healthier and happier.

Boost Quality Of Your Health

Utah’s dry winter air can be really harsh on homeowners with skin, sinus, or other health issues. . When the cold, outdoor air flows into your home and is warmed up to room temperature, the amount of water in the air goes down because the warm air can hold more water. This is why even when you are no longer outdoors, the air of your home can still be relatively dry. Both dry skin and dry membranes of the nose can lead to itching, inflammation, and infection. By properly air sealing your home, you can prevent the overflow of dry, winter air which will lead to the increase of quality of your health, and the comfort of your skin and sinuses.

Increase Comfort Around Your Home

Who wants to deal with cold drafts and cold floors during the winter, and hot air during the summer? By air sealing, you can eliminate all drafts and cold spots during the winter, and keep hot air out during the summer. Not only will your family feel more comfortable during the hot and cold seasons, but your wallet will too when your heating and cooling costs are reduced. 

Prevent Foundation and Furniture Deterioration

 When there is a flow of warm air through air leaks, the warm air can come into contact with cool surfaces with results in condensation. Moisture that develops from this condensation promote the growth of mold, destroys insulation, and can even compromise the structural framework of your home.

Additionally, during the driest times of the year, dry air can flow through air leaks and  can pull moisture from the structure of your home. This can result in hardwood floors drying out which leads to cracks.

By air sealing your home, you will minimize problems with condensation, dry air flow, and overall increase your home’s durability.

It’s Cost Effective

Air sealing your home is an easy, cost effective project and is a no brainer for homeowners when it comes to efficient energy consumption, cutting heating and cooling costs, and improving air quality.

Homeowners can save on average 11% on total energy costs annually just by air sealing.

Hiring a qualified contractor to handle your air sealing needs will guarantee a healthy, energy efficient home, but homeowners can also conduct their own inspection through simple tips as well.

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